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The Rush R-DWC system is a combination of simplicity and top-end components, resulting in spectacular growth and huge yields.

With up to 34 nutrient circulations per hour, no timer to manage and little media used, Rush R-DWC takes Deep Water Culture growing to the next level.


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How the Rush RDWC hydroponic system works

DWC with the added benefit of constant, rapid recirculation!

Airstones in each of the Rush DWC reservoirs create a constant bubbling directly beneath each plant. This highly oxygenated environment results in exceptionally fast root growth. The nutrient solution in each chamber is constantly and rapidly recircualted between the reservoirs so the pH and water levels stay balanced.

The Rush truly is a next level hydroponic system that delivers results time after time.

This Recirculating Deep Water Culture method of growing allows plants to feed as much as they need, whenever they need it, preventing over and under-watering.

Deep Water Culture is rapidly becoming the preferred method of growing for more and more growers across the world, with Rush leading the way in Recirculating Deep Water Culture systems.

Perfect for growers who want to:

  1. Use the most advanced R-DWC method
  2. Maximise oxygen uptake
  3. Use little media on a large scale grow
  4. Easily maintain stable pH and EC on a large scale grow
  5. Turn plants under lights


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