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Twister Trimmer T2

Extremely Fast 11 StaySharp™ self-sharpening blades are maintenance-free and perform 19,250 cuts every 60 seconds.  Consistent Cut Trimmed pieces are of uniform quality, hour after hour; day after day.

Low Maintenance No paint to chip or flake; strips down for complete cleaning access in less than 10 seconds with no tools; fully serviceable by end-user.

  • Easy to Clean –  Watertight electrical and motors allow for complete high-pressure washdown.
  • QuickClick™ Technology – Ensures ultra fast, extremely precise blade adjustment (.0009”/.023mm per click).
  • Double the Speed – Designed for back-to-back tandem use, for even greater performance gains.


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Twister Trimmer T4

The Twister Trimmer T4 hold many advantages: Easy to Transport – Lightweight and fits in your car SoftTumble™

  • Technology – Patent-pending small tumbler diameter combined with polished stainless steel non-stick surface ensures flowers experience minimal impact via less wall crawl and shorter tumble distance.
  • Simple and Quick to Clean – The Twister Trimmer T4 dismantles in seconds and is designed so that it gives you full access to blades and the removable motor pack
  • No Tools Required – All you need to do is plug into a outlet and your ready to go. Low-Touch Trimming – Flowers subjected to low levels of human handling.
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Twister Trimmer T6

The Twister T6 is a revolution in small batch trimming and automation. The radical new small-capacity tabletop design allows for quality, hand trim-finished trimming speeds of up to 4 lbs/hr dry, 20 lbs/hr wet.

Quite simply the most versatile small-capacity trimmer available, the Twister T6 is capable of trimming a broad range of flower moisture levels, from 8% all the way up to a fully hydrated flower straight off the plant — all with a simple change-out of the tumbler.

  • Easy Change Tumbler – Simply remove the lid and swap out your tumbler. That’s it.
  • No Setup or Tools Required – The T6 is easily adjusted with intuitive, easy-to-use controls
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